Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Exciting Everyone Project in RE

The Everyone Project aims to highlight the similarities rather than the differences amongst everyone! The project is hoping to transform the way people relate to each other – to change the world with a single unique symbol which will represent everyone regardless of sex, colour, religion or language. Please post a reply on here if you think this is a good idea saying why! There are prizes and rewards available to students at Dixons City Academy from Mr Davies for thoughtful and original posts!


Stuart Carter, Leeds said...

It's great to see a local school taking in interest in such an important issue. I work in a large insurance brokers and I am currently involved in our diversity and inclusion programme. The pace and scale of change caused by such things as globalisation and changing demographics is frightening to many people. Often diversity initiatives aim to encourage inclusion by raising awareness and knowledge of the ethnic/cultural/etc differences between people. This is vital if we are to understand each other better. The hard part is getting people to see that underneath these differences we're all basically the same. In this resepect, a "global coversation about our 'everyoneness'" is great. I just wonder how many people are ready to see beyond our differences, when most people don't currently understand those differences particularly well.

Deborah said...

I fully support this idea. A world where we all feel part of the same community is something that we should all be working towards. When we feel part of a community we care and share more with those within that community through our sense of belonging.

Please take part in this blog and say what you think too.

Mrs Vickerman

Mark said...

It is human nature to be cautious with people that are 'different' to us, and move in a different social circles or have a different cultural background to us. By isolating ourselves and our communities we reinforce the fear we have of the unknown, disproportionately, fuelling a cycle of mistrust and erecting more barriers between us. We need to break out of that cycle and make the effort to understand each other, and only then will we see the similarities in all of us.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea; this idea would make everyone feel equal. Everyone would be more confident and everyone will feel like part of the same community. If we all do this together the world will be a better place and it will stop bullying and wars.

Riccardo 11x

Anonymous said...

it is important to have a symbol to represent everyone as this symbol would be unite everyone because if this symbol did not exist noone would have 1 thing in common with everyone else, also it is important to focus on other peoples similarities instead of what usually happens which is that people focus on other peoples differences

by James ghafoor (jimmy-g)

Anonymous said...

I think that this idea of a symbol that represents everyone is very good, and vital for the modern day community. As this symbol will unite everybody as one, and make everybody feel equal. This idea is also very good idea because it will show people that they do have something in common with someone who may have a different skin colour to them, and by this sign being developed it will also mean less conflict will arise if people just learn to get along.
But I also think that it may not have this effect on the ignorant people of the community and so this sign needs to be made in a way where it could also be informational.

Andrea Burrows said...

I think there is amazing potential in the idea that's at the heart of the Everyone project - the creation of a symbol that signifies our sameness as people, rather than the more usual and habitual labelling of differences...
The issues that the Everyone project is trying to address are obviously
complex and difficult to tackle - prejudice and misunderstanding are an endemic part of our world unfortunately, to an extent where we are all probably at least a little guilty from time to time, whether we are always aware of that or not.

Like many of the greatest ideas, the everyone project is a very simple concept, but deceptively simple in terms of its power to cut through difficult barriers. An everyone symbol could have real power - as a tool to make people stop and examine their thinking, as a global movement, as a catalyst for change...
This is an extremely valuable, exciting idea, and I hope that others feel inspired to contribute their thoughts.

Harsimrat Kaur said...

We all may look different at face value but inside we are made up from the exact same formulas. We may all have different ideas and traditions; thats what makes us unique but we should respect and encourage each other to do well and better themselves. We need a way of working together on topics that matter to us all and to individual groups. We all need to become more open minded and respect each other for who we are inside not what we look like.

By staying in the same circles that we've always been in,
we'll be the people that we've always been.

A phrase which has always occurred in the punjabi culture is 'EKTA 1'
Everyone Keeping Together As One

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Anonymous said...

I think that it is important to have a symbol to represent everyone because many social problems are caused by people focusing on there differences. This means that by having a symbol to represent everybody it can bring people together and unify people from all across the world regardless of the race, culture gender etc. Having this uniting symbol it will help to make everybody feel equal and part of a wider community. This symbol could also have the potential to help people to accept each other and get a long, which could lead to less conflict and less racial friction within communities.

Sam C 11y

Anonymous said...

I think that this idea of having one symbol that unifies everyone is an excellent idea, especially in our modern 21st century world. I believe it is a good idea to have this one symbol as a symbol is something that can be recognised easily, there are no barriers in communication, ‘it translates across the pond’. With this one symbol we as people will be indifferent, making us the same and equal; the symbol is a good idea as it will show regardless of your religion, colour or creed that a common ground can be found, this is not to say that that the symbol will be embraced by all, as we know there is still going to be ignorance and intolerance of one another, the worst enemy is after all fellow man, yet I believe that creating this symbol would be small steps in the right direction, from here on in then a re-education can be born, telling/spreading the message that are we really all that different, different only in what we choose to follow, unified in a symbol that tries to brake down these barriers.

Peace to all.

Sean Butt 11W, p.s the message after jimmy-g's is Ricky Mistry’s 11W

W Davies said...

This is great stuff Year 11, you are really thinking about the issues around the Everyone Project and some of the real issues we have been discussing in class. As always I continue to be amazed at your work and you really do make my job worthwhile!!! Now keep the posts coming!!! I am going to ask the person who started the whole idea off to judge the best Blog posting for a very special reward. At the moment Riccardo gets the prize for the first Blog...clearly from 11X!! Perhaps Mrs Vickerman deserves a reward too!

Anonymous said...

In todays society racism, prejudice and discrimination are huge probelms in our community. At the end of the day, as a whole, the world is one big community and I think a lot of people forget this. Some people seem to think that because someone has a different colour skin to them, that they can look at them as 'alien' or 'unatural'. This applies for all sorts of things such as gender, wealth, race, class and so on. I think people forget about this community that everyone is in and split themselves off. A symbol that represents everyone would bring back a factor that everyone had in common, it would bring down the glass walls that different people seem to have and would bring back together this worldwide community. A symbol that represents everybody would make people realise that no matter of the colour of our skin, at the end of the day, we are all the same but at the very same time, all different in our own unique and individual way.

Sam Bamford 11X

Anonymous said...

Using a symbol to represent everyone has both good and bad aspects to it. While it does represent freedom from prejudice, there can't truely be something to represent everyone. We're all individuals and what would describe or symbol one person would discriminate or hurt another.
For instance, if the symbol was of a plain person, with no sexual features or hair, it would exclude cripples as not everyone has a perfect body. If you tried a symbol that shoed all the different disabilities people can own so as not to miss anyone out, the symbol would no longer be a symbol as it would be too big.
While we would like to advertise social harmony, a single symbol would not do. And if one was made, is it not simply a guilt offering of one nation trying to include all others? Are we simply tring to show ourselves as "nice anti-prejudiced people". Even if we are, it is still a form of prejudice trying to say that you're less prejudice than everyone else.
So although in essence the idea of symbol is quite good as it wipes out discrimination, I believe that overall it would do lttle to help create a harmonious society.

Hannah Strachan 11X

Richard Watts, Everyone Project said...

My name is Richard Watts and I am the founder of the Everyone Project.

I am so inspired by the blog postings on this site - it is so powerful and positive... that each of you are committed to people from different places and with different beliefs or appearance.

The everyone project is about encouraging conversations just like this - our beliefs and attitudes are formed and shaped by the conversations we have, and so the world that the Everyone Project hopes for is already a step closer because of the work that you have been doing and the thoughts you have been developing.

I had a meeting about the project with the United Nations in May 2007, and Salil Shetty (Director of the Millennium Development Goals) talked about the difficulty of getting real global support for these basic human needs. I am convinced that a campaign to reconnect us to our 'everyoneness' is critical to this - I think we have disconnected from other people, and we need to foster a stronger sense of responsibility for our fellow humans.

It's too easy to think other people need to change though, isn't it? We all need to change - look at what actions we can personally take to create this shift in the society that we are all part of and responsible for... I think we all need to be asking questions like these, don't we...
What action can I take today?
How can I connect myself more firmly with other people, outside my immediate circle?
How can I create understanding and commitment to this change in other people around me?(family, friends, neighbours, bebo myspace facebook friends, blog entries, people in the shops, buses, across the school)

Thank you so much for your work so far. Let's keep this discussion going, and also look at actions we can take to spread the conversation further...

Best wishes
Richard Watts
Everyone Project

Anonymous said...

I think that a symbol for everyone is a great idea and may be able to help heal the conflicts of gender, race, colour and class as a many symboled society can be a very confusing place. It would spread the idea of equality amongst everyone and it would allow pride in where you come from without being singled out. It would offer everyone a sense of belonging even if they do not belong to a religious group. I think it would also spread a sense of understanding and would make people appreciate what the meaning of a multi-cultural/multi-faith society actually means and everyone would be able to see the benefits rather than the problems.

Jessica Iveson 11y

Anjali 11W said...

One day when Nelson Mandela was young he was annoying his mother in the house, she then scolded him and told him to do something, when he asked her "what?", she replied, "My son leave this world a better place than when you came into it"

I think that this project means that we can change the world for the better. Globally we must unite and make sure that each person is recognised as an induvidual, but also as a component within humanity. A symbol could be a step in the right direction, especially as a message to the youth, who are going to be tommorrow's leaders.

Anonymous said...

I do fully support the idea of having a symbol to represent everyones unity as when differences are pointing out hurt usually follows, whereas if we focus on what is similar we have common ground to communicate. In addition the symbol would be known for representing peace and unity and could bring feuds to an end.
However I do feel that the symbol could not instantly rid the world of it's problems. Extremists will still exist, although maybe in smaller quantities, whose ignorance stops them from overcoming differences.#The symbol would have a hard time overcoming tradition but if successful it would have a huge impact on society.

Lewis W 10W

HannahGM said...

I think that one unique symbol to represent everybody regardless of their race/colour/class/sex etc, is a good idea because everybody would then feel like they belonged to a large community in which everyone helped each other to grow and learn new skills and ideas. The symbol would also give everybody more confidance because there would be less fear and mistrust between different groups of people.
HannahGM 11w

Aysha Rafiq 11Y said...

I think that by having a symbol that represents everyone is a great idea because it classes everyone as a whole/community, and leaves little room for discrimination. It forces you to accept everyone as equal, reinforcing the idea that the world is one. Although everyone is unique in their own way, we all have something in common, and that is definitely something we must recognise.

Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea to have a symbol that represents everyone as this would show a unity among everybody regardless of their race, gender colour or class.

Adeel K 11w

Anonymous said...

It's easy to focus on the differences between people and yourself without thinking about the vast amounts of things that are similar across the whole human race. In focusing on these differences society can become very exclusive.

I think the single symbol would re-inforce the point that being a certain race, gender, religion, class or sexuality doesn't make you any less or more of a person.

Oliver 11Y

Chloe Sutcliffe said...

I think that a symbol designed to embrace our similarities could only be a positive thing, as long as our differences continue to be embraced, for this is equally healthy. In today's society too much emphasis is placed on our differences; race, gender, class, religion... If this is all we focus on it is easy to lose sight of the fact that everyone is essentially human and in many ways we aren't that different.

A symbol to help us remember this is a really good idea. It doesn't mean that other symbols highlighting differences can't exist, because these are important for allowing everyone to be proud of their unique qualities. But for the many different symbols we see everyday, one which is applicable to everyone means that no one is excluded and we can all feel united under a shared identity.

Anonymous said...

Having a symbol that represents everyone is a truly unique and great idea. It will ownly better the world we live in, as well as create a united society. This symbol will leave no room for discrimination, and everyone would be classed as equals. This symbol would also eliminate conflict and create social stability.

Ajay P 11Y

hannah_pickerden said...

This is important as it shows that everyone is equal. It shows that any kind of bullying whether its racism, sexism etc. is not important and that no matter what class, colour, background people come from everyone is the same. Nobody is better or worse and this would be shown through this symbol. It will also play a part in uniting people and making a stand against any discrimination that goes on.

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to have a symbol to represent everyone as this gives the entire population a single identity and makes everyone feel a part of the world community.

Louis R 11y

Hiten said...

i believe this symbol will help some people feel confident with themselevs no matter where they are in the world or there social class. I also think that it will help people to unite as 1 as oppose to be being at war over they simple differences.
Hiten Naranbhai 10y

Anonymous said...

Katie Cleworth 11W

I think that 'The Everyone Project' is a great idea, as it will give people something to look to when they're having problems with discrimination. It can be something to remind people that no matter what we look like and no matter what differences there are between us, there is something which unites us all.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's a really great idea to create a symbol to represent everyone. I think that everyone is judged because of how they look, who they are what they believe in. By creating this symbol it will help to create equality and show how everyone is in fact completely the same. No-one is better than anyone else for any reason. This symbol will help to show people that and to help people feel like they do fit into any society, that no-one has to be an outsider for any reason. It will help to bring people together into one whole community.

Rosie 11w

Anonymous said...

Every human being is pretty much made up of the same componenets. We all have cells, organs such as the heart, liver, kidney etc, we all have hands and feet with five fingers and toes and we all have two eyes a nose and a mouth. The only thing that really seperates humans if you think about it is a human beings Sex, colour, religion and language. These are due to our environments i.e where our parents were born and there beliefs and where they were and are noe when you were born. This does not at all chgnage a person from being human and different from someone else. Sex, colour, religion and language are just material barrieres that define a human being but the person is still human.

The single symbol which will represent everyone regardless of sex, colour, religion or language in my opinion is a really good idea becuase it will take away the material barriers such as language, sex etc and unite the whole world as one and as human beings. Also this will make sure that everyone looks at eachother as equal brother and sister human beings. Also the symbol will highlight the similarities between all humans and that will be that everyone is human and this will change the way people treat eachother forgetting colour, language as people will see eachother as human beings and no different to themselves.

Krishan Mistry

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a really good idea because it will allow people to feel more closer to each other, rather than feel segregated into other groups. I also think that this would be a good idea because it shows us all that we are all equal and seen as one rather than different groups. Another important reason is because it could possibly stop most of the troubles of the world today if people thought of everyone as one and that everyone is equal. I personally feel this is a great oppourtunity to allow everyone to feel closer towards each other and not so seperated into different groups etc.

Natasha 11B

Anonymous said...

Even though we look different we are all equal because we are all human. I think it is important to have a symbol that represent everyone because there is alot of conflict that occurs about one another differences for example race. By having a symbol it will unify everyone and bring them together. It will also help to make people feel equal and part of the community. It could also help to mkae people feel accepted and help others accept people.

Anonymous said...

I believe the introduction of this unique symbol is a great idea, it will allow everyone to work in unison as there will no longer be certain prujudices like that of discrimination against coloured people or people of a certain faith. It may also lead to developed countries helping people in third world countries as there would be a sense of community and togetherness around the world which could lead to a willingness to help those people in such a situation. However i feel there will still be discrimination as it cannot be totally cleared, so although it is a good idea on paper, in practice it may not work.
Overall i do believe this is a brilliant idea that will bring about a sense of togetherness and help us to deliver peace and harmony to the world, finally it will allow us to concentrate on what really matters rather than worry about conflict.

Timmy 11c

Anonymous said...

I think that creating a symbol which represents everyone as equal and as one is very important. It doesn't segregate anyone because of their race/gender/class/colour. It will help everyone feel comfortable in themselves without people judging them because of their colour,gender etc. Everyone will be part of the same community which will decrease conflict as most conflict is caused between different groups with different views.

Zoya 11C

Anonymous said...

I believe it is important to have a symbol representing everyone. Too many people focus on the differences of colour,gender and race. What some people fail to realise are the similiarities between us all. Everyone is equal and should unite together to make the world a better place, instead of conflict and wars. If there was to be one symbol representing everyone, maybe this would remind everyone of how we are alike. People make up the world, and the world is one. We should all be on the same side. Everyone, together.

Sarah 11x

Anonymous said...

I think that that having a global sign to unify all people across the world is an ingenious idea. It will allow people tor eally look at what we have in common rather than what we do not. If such a program had existed many years ago maybe the world that we live in today would be very different and there may not be such things as terrorism threats.

However some people may not agree with it, as they may feel that there roots and patriotism is being demolished and we are all being grouped into one society.

I think that the idea of having a symbol to unify the world will have maening and purpose and i think once there is one the possibilities of what we can do is almost limitless. We could help those less fortunate, make sure everyone is being treated in accordance to human rights amongst mnay other things.

Hitesh Mistry 11A

Richard Watts Everyone Project said...

I heard about this initiative called Hello Peace recently, and it seems to me that it is a good example of people creating real change in the name of everyone (although it is not connected to our project) Some volunteers created a free phone line in the middle east, so that Palestinians and Israelis could talk to each other, and start to understand that they are in so many ways the same...

Thanks for all the amazing comments on the blog again - another inspiring week!

Founder, The Everyone Project

Gurpal Singh said...

Thsi project sound interesting and is a unique idea. I am in full support of it.

We should treat all equally, 'He looks alike upon enemy and friend, and wishes well to all.'

Every religion preaches about equallity but they themselves have divitions within them. Every religion wants to be the best but we shoudl look at all as the same. And by having a symbol to show everyone, it will mean that people wont forget who tehy really are, 'a human being'

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea because it involved everyone, making them feel equal. I think the symbol would be a good way to connect different people. It is a good cause and also an important real-life issue. Normally symbols represent different groups of people and identify them but this one would unite them all and represent everyone in a whole.

It also a good idea to show people that no matter their age,sex,skin colour or race/religion everyone is the same. It's not what we look like its our personalities that reflect us as a person. Everyone is different in this aspect, (good aspect) but everyone is also the same in reason that we are all human but lead different lifesyles. Therefore this symbol would be a really good idea.

Sophie Mills 11A

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a very good idea to have a symbol that will represent the world has a whole. This is because it would bring people together and make everybody feel equal. Also world equality is a serious issue and a lot of trouble goes on due to people fighting to be better than each other.
Everybody should see that nobody is better than anybody else and that no matter what your age,sex,skin colour or race/religion; everybody is the same.
The symbol would be a very good idea and could start to bring together world peace.

Georgina 11A

Anonymous said...

world peace and acceptance of eachother is vital to make one peaceful community, i think that a symbol which reprisents everyone will give every person a sense of equality and comfort.
I dont think that a person should be jugded on their race and colour, i think that everyone should be equal and get a fair chance, so that they hear what these people have to say.
I think that the symbol should include something in which everyone has, so that we all can relate to it.

Antonia Oxley

Anonymous said...

I think that it is a good idea in having a symbol that represents everyone, this is because many people are judged on who they look and their beliefs however this symbol can represent equality between everyone. Also having this symbol will make people feel part of a community etc and feel that they are part of a world wide community.The symbol will also help people treat others the same and make them feel wanted in society. Overall i think that having this symbol is a very good idea

Umisha Patel 11B

Anonymous said...

I think that this idea is really good! People will be able to feel apart of one community and everyone might actually start helping each other out and make the world a better place. It also gives people a sense of identity and so if ever someone was lost about who they are as a person this would help them find the answers they want! People tend to focus on the differences between themselves and other people and thats what causes a lot of problems, however i think that this will make people see that they all are the same no matter about how they look or what they believe.

Charlotte 11B

Anonymous said...

I think that this would be a really good idea because then everyone would be able to relate to everyone else and you could see other people as the same and not different. It would also stop things like racial divides and possibly other forms of discrimination as it would make everybody see everyone else as the same as themselves and it may stop them

Matthew P 11c

Anonymous said...

This project is exactly what the world needs
We need to stop thinking of people by stereotypes, races, religions, classes and other sections that people may be put in. We all need to think of each other as Fellow Humans!
I know that this might sound like a wierd example, but watch any sci fi film where other planets attack Earth. Do they attack just the Americans? Or the Palestinians? No. They see us as HUMANS! So why can fictional charaters do so, but not us?
They will ask to see the leader of Earth. Not the Prime Minister of England, or the President of Pakistan. The leader of the Earth!
No one is better yet we're not together. As humans we should stand, not as nations. Why do conflicts continue? Because of land? Religion? Race? None of these issues would be raised if we saw each other as Human. Muslim, Christian, British, Indian. We all are what we are. We're all the same.

Raheel Hafeez 11C

Anonymous said...

Equality in the world would be a much better place for us to live in, not only would we feel safer in our streets we would also make more friends and there would be more opportunities for us to meet people from across the world. I find that this could be an excellent way to start the world from scratch and this could result in less feuding and war and result in a lot more happiness.

However the only flaw in the idea is that there would be less variety in the types of people, sure we would all equal but then again, wouldn't we be just the same? Our ability to be the person we want ourselves to be is taken for granted a lot in today's society lets just hope it works.

Jack - 11A

Anonymous said...

I that this great project will help to bring people together and will bring everyone closer by making us understand each other, especially since this world is now becoming a, Global Village, it will become more and more important over the years for everyone to be treated as equals.

Priyesh Mistry 11C

Anonymous said...

This is an impoortant isuue that will help make people understand that they are all equal, and so this will help everyone come closer togther, especially as this world is now becoming a Global Village, meaning that we should all treat each other the same as we are all dependat on each other

Priyesh Mistry 11C

Adam Oram said...

I think that the idea of one symbol to represent everyone can't possibly be a negative thing as those who respect it and agree with it will embrace it, and those who disagree won't be affected by it.

The symbol will bring people from different social circles, cultures, classes and religions together because it highlights their similarities and not their differences.

Anonymous said...

I think this symbol is a good idea becuase it is a way of aboloshing steriotypes in society and treating everyone as equal. After all the things that have happened throughout history to do with things such as womens fight for rights can all be forgotten about and people can look at one another with out predudice and discrimination can be a thing of the past.


Anonymous said...

A unique symbol that represents everyone is a great idea. Many people in this world only look at the differences in each other, but do not appreciate their similarities. These differences build up, over time, racial and social barriers between different communities. By having this unique symbol, it will give everyone an identity as we are all part of one united human race and we should use each other's skills to resolves the world's problems together rather than trying to do it individually or simply put a blind eye on it.

The idea will break down this barrier and promote equality in this world, allowing people to acknowledge other people's existance. The important fact is, everyone is unique, everyone have their own special talent, instead of using these skills to work against each other, we should use it for each other. And I don't think the world today appreciates that fact enough.

The symbol itself will not, in my opinion, instantly solve the problem of hate btween nations and communities, but it can be seen as a progressive step towards a better future.

Daniel Li 11B

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to highlight the similarities between people and it could create a lot of development and endless possibilities; but unfortunately people don't want to simply be part of the crowd or group. They want to stand out, be different and generally be considered individual; agreeably they shouldn't feel the need to go to extreme lengths to prove this. Wouldn’t a single symbol make people feel like they aren’t really involved and that they are just a blur in the background?

A singular symbol/icon would be great but, surely it would be designed by a team of people; therefore the team would have to be build up of every single person in the world to be truly equal and no matter how hard you try, it will never be able to encompass everyone. Agreeably it will motivate some people and they will feel united together but to others it will just be a way of showing we have to put in a lot of effort to get people to feel a sense of community.

To go off on a bit of a tangent, the musical “Avenue Q” has a song in it called “Everyone’s a little bit racist”. I find it to be very true and everyone is a little bit racist, the song highlights the fact that maybe if we all admit we make minor snap judgements against each other based on race (although the same can be applied to sex, colour, religion, language etc.) we’d get a lot much better, after all we are all ‘relatively’ similar underneath.

Overall I don’t think a symbol would be the best way to “transform the way people relate to each other”. Instead, I think a better idea would be to educate people about one another so that they will see that actually, we aren’t all so different after all; and even if you do find a difference, the opposing person will probably be able to say something back about you (making you ‘equal’ again) so what does it really matter.

Josh Freeman 11A =]

Anonymous said...

I believe there should be a symbol to represent everyone’s unity in order to stop people being discriminated against for all the differences they have. If we focus on the things which are similar between everyone, then it is possible for everyone to communicate and understand each other.
In doing this it is also possible to give more people a sense of belonging as they are able to ‘fit in’ with others around them and within their community.
Because everyone has been made up different with many different beliefs and cultures, by bringing them all together everyone in the world can become united.

Pardeep Birring 11a

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, there is a big problem involving prejudice, and racial differences between each other. Just because others may believe in something different to you and are a different skin color to you, are of the opposite gender or are of different classes, this doesn’t mean they can treat them with disrespect and inequality. Personally, I think that putting together a symbol will improve to reunite today’s society as a whole, reinforce that everyone is equal and nobody deserves to be treated inferiorly or even superiorly due to their class, race, gender etc.

sonam 11A